Lent 17

Lent 17


About relationships (with God and with each other)

Communion during Lent

Receive Christ As ChildrenPosted by aufenast_tony@yahoo.com Sun, March 19, 2017 15:43:28
During Lent churches are stripped of decoration and flowers are removed.
This helps us focus on God and not be distracted. There is so much in life that distracts us from listening to Jesus.

We listen when we hear him speaking to the Samaritan women at the well in John 4. She is feisty but she eventually recognises Jesus as the Messiah. He does not judge her and meets her in the place she is at.

During communion I recognise Jesus talks to me and shares his whole self with me. I meet with Jesus at the foot of the cross and kneel before him. It is time for us all to be united in our recognition of Jesus as a signpost to God.