Lent 17

Lent 17


About relationships (with God and with each other)


IntroductionPosted by admin Tue, February 14, 2017 11:27:01

Receiving Christ: Introduction: Being a Christian, or trying to be a Christian, or exploring being a Christian, is more about relationships (with God and with each other) than it is about either doctrine or rules. (Though doctrine and rules also matter!) The course title “Receiving Christ” implies two things: 1) God is reaching out to us, probably a great deal more consistently and enthusiastically than we are reaching out to God; and 2) Our relationship with God involves a number of different, though mutually supportive “activities”. Christians believe that they encounter/receive/know God in Jesus Christ.

Some introductory questions:

A. What most helps you to keep in touch with God?

B. What sort of barriers do you encounter?

Has there been a time, place, experience – one you are happy to share – when you have felt particularly close to God?

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