Book Reading Group

Book Reading Group

January, February, March

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Programme for 2017

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Programme for 2017 attached. More detailed notes to follow

January and February

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!) Eddie Askew - Cross Purposes - Meditations and Prayers based on meals with Jesus (Published by the Leprosy Mission): At first glance, this might seem a slight book. It is only 100 pages long, but the format of Bible text, reflection, painting and poem is anything but superficial; and it is just what the reader looking for a basis for a quiet time of thought, alone or with friend(s), needs. The stories are familiar to many, but, as with all familiar stories, this doesn't mean that the message has sunk in. Sometimes, having read this book - or rather one of its short sections (since it is very definitely not a book to be read straight through), you may conclude that until then you have completely missed the point! This was our January read, and we have been sharing it with others ever since.

2) Philip Yancey: What Good is God? On the Road with Stories of Grace (Published Hodder): This is basically a book of part-answers to the vexing question of how you preach the Good News of God's love not to the comfortable who feel comfortable (and therefore loved), but to those who are (and not just on their own perspective) going through hell. The surviving, but seriously injured, victim of a College massacre; the woman sold into the sex trade by her own mother at the age of four; the very poor living next to the very rich; the person experiencing life-long persecution, perhaps with a high risk of a short life. These are people who, told that Jesus wants them for a sunbeam might justifiably ask what the sun is. Here you find real faith, in a Gospel which is a Cross and Resurrection Gospel, rather than Guaranteed Prosperity Gospel. (This is our February read.)

Programme 2016

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Programme for 2016

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Tentative programme attached. This is subject to negotiation, and therefore change. Well it will be attached as soon as the system works.

Book Reading Group 2016

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The January book is Cross Purposes: Meditations and Prayers based on meals with Jesus, by Eddie Askew. Each chapter in the book takes a Bible meal (Jesus enjoyed social meals),, explores what happened and its significance and offers an original poem. This is a refreshing and enlightening way of looking at [too?] familiar Bible stories and their living significance.


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The sessions for the remaining months of the year are: 1) Thursday October 8th - "In God's Presence - Theological Reflections on Prayer" by Marjorie Suchocki: and extract is available on request. 2) Thursday November 12th - Augustine's "City of God" ("Civitas Dei") - extracts available on request. 3) Thursday December 10th - the Advent and Christmas choices of those coming. Bring your choice

Transformed by the Beloved

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Note on June 11th book choice

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